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How do I place an order?

Information to place an order can be found here.

Why do some DVDs made from movie reels flicker?

MaxRescue transfers do not flicker.

Yes, transfers by some other companies do & here's why . . . Basically, the problem they have is compatible speed. They use an old reel to reel projector to show the film onto a white card (wall, screen, etc.) and recapture it through a movie camera. Besides this being a bad way to do it, the speed (frame rate) of the projector is different from the movie camera. It's this difference that makes their finished movie flicker.

MaxRescue does not use that process.
That's why we can GUARANTEE no flicker.

How good is the quality of your transfers?

As good or better than whatever you give us. We digitally scan your reel one frame at a time. This allows us to avoid streaks and blur since we're capturing a still frame and not a moving one as others do. And since we're scanning one frame at a time, your finished movie will not have flicker caused by the transfer process.

Because we digitally process your film one frame at a time, we preserve clarity and definition as well as eliminate hot spots commonly seen in poor quality transfers.

MaxRescue is the place to go for the best quality transfers at the best price.

Is your pricing based on a per reel or per foot cost?

Movie reels are priced by the foot. See movie reel sizes.

The following FREE:

  1. Menu Chapters for each reel
  2. Editing out unwanted blank scenes we see
      Camera cap has been left on while you're filming
      Camera left on while pointing to the ground
  3. Classic DVD case (insert) & matching DVDs

Can I have titles in the reels or between reels?

Yes. Titles may can be inserted anywhere in your movie for an additional cost.

What are Chapters?

Chapters in Movie Reels are FREE.

Chapters are individual sections of your movie such as "Linda's 16th Birthday", "London Holiday 1987", etc. The Chapters are listed in a Menu when the DVD begins.

Having Hollywood-style animated Menu Chapters on the DVDs we produce for you, means you can see exactly what's on the DVD from the "live" scenes in the Menu. Click on one and you're watching just what you want to see. Or click on the main scene and watch the whole movie. More information and screen captures.

Note: our Menu Chapters are not the same as the "chapters" offered by other companies. Their chapters are made by placing a chapter "point" automatically every 5 minutes or so. All you can do with that is jump from point to point to try to locate what you want to see. They do not appear as a selection in a Menu and often come in the middle of a scene instead of at the beginning.

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Do I need to give you a blank disc?

No. We provide all DVDs with your order.

Can I put regular & Super 8 reels on same DVD?

Transfer 8mm and Super8 reels to DVD with MaxRescueYes. We can even put your video from VHS and other formats on the same DVD with your movie reels. If you want to combine formats, there is no additional cost. Contact us if you need help figuring the combined cost for your movie.

Can you transfer reels that have sound?

Yes. We can transfer reels that have sound on them.

When you place your order, you must tell us that your reels have sound and that you want the sound on your movie. Otherwise, we will assume that you do not want sound.

Many people never recorded sound on their reels even though they were using film capable of having sound. And some people simply do not want the sound from their film.

So we treat all reels as if there is no sound unless you tell us there is and you want it recorded.

Why do you charge extra for sound on reels?
We use two extra steps to process reels with sound. This is why there is a difference in cost between reels with and without sound.

First, we process your reels through our transfer unit that captures it one frame at a time. Then if you want sound, we process your reels again through another unit to capture the sound. In next step we sync the two together for optimum sound and viewing clarity. These two extra steps is why there is a difference in cost between reels with and without sound.

Do I have to pay for sound if I don't want it?Go Up

No. You only pay the cost for sound if you want us to record the sound that's on the film. NOTE: we charge for sound only on reels (if you order it), but never on other types of movies.

Can you put background music in my movie?

Yes. Send us a CD or cassette tape with your order with the music you want us to use. You can have one song repeated over and over or several songs used throughout the movie or in certain sections. The choice is yours. Repeating a song is free. This is available for personal home movies only. For commercial movies, please contact us.

How much fits on a DVD?

MaxRescue follows the industry standard of 90 minutes of video per DVD to insure the maximum quality possible. If your movie runs longer than 90 minutes, we will divide it into 2 parts and transfer it onto 2 DVDs. We make every effort to divide the movie in an appropriate place to avoid disrupting your viewing pleasure.

Will the DVD be compatible with my DVD player?

Unless your DVD player is several years old, it will probably be compatible. We test the DVDs on a variety of DVD players. We have found that some expensive players do not play burnt DVD, but DVD players costing around $50 will play just about anything with a hole in it.

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