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Amount of Film on Standard 8mm & Super8 Reels

Use the following table as a guide to help you estimate approximately how much footage you have when the reel is FULL.

Diameter of Reel

Film Length When Full

Approx. Running Time When Full

3 inch reel 7.6 cm reel 50 ft 3 - 4 minutes
4 inch reel 10.1 cm reel 100 ft 7 - 8 minutes
5 inch reel 12.7 cm reel 200 ft 14 - 16 minutes
6 inch reel 15.2 cm reel 300 ft 21 - 24 minutes
7 inch reel 17.7 cm reel 400 ft 28 - 32 minutes

If your reels have feet marks (like a ruler) on them, it can help you estimate how much is on the reel when it's not full.

Too confusing? No worries. We are happy to give you an estimate of how much film you have when we see your reels.

Cost for all other size reels

We charge for only what's on that reel to the nearest 50 feet. So if you've got a 400 foot reel but there's only 100 feet on it, you will only pay for that 100 feet.

Cost for small 3 inch reels

We charge for 50 feet no matter how full that small reel is. This is because our processing costs for a small 3 inch reel is the same whether it's full or not.

Film Length – Overfilled Reels

Sometimes too much film has been spliced together and put on a reel. There should be at about 5 to 7 mm from the edge of the reel that has no film.

If you have a reel filled almost to the edge (well past the last measurement marker), then add 50 to 100 feet to whatever that reel normally holds as an estimate.

Remember, this is just an estimate. After we transfer your film, we'll have an accurate count. That's why we ask that you pay after your order is finished. It avoids our having to send refund checks because it worked out cheaper.

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