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Relive Your Wedding Memories in Style on DVD

Weddings are a special time in your life. Today's DVD's are the best way to preserve those precious memories.

We offer several ways to Personalize your movie so it will be something you'll cherish for years to come.

Deluxe Cases with Photos

Adding your photo to these Deluxe Cases make an excellent way to give your wedding movie that finishing touch. See the Wedding Case Sets.

The title can be something as simple as "Our Wedding" or write your own title such as "The Wedding of Linda & Larry". The title also appears
on the case spine.

Hollywood-style Menu with Chapters

In addition, you can select a Menu style for your movie with Chapters.

Having Hollywood-style animated Menu Chapters on the DVDs we produce for you, means you can see exactly what's on the DVD from the "live" scenes in the Menu.

Click on a Chapter picture and the movie for that Chapter will start. Or click on the main scene and watch the whole movie. You might have a Chapter called "The Wedding", another called "At the Reception" and so on. Just tell us what you'd like to call each Chapter and we'll do the rest.

Examples of our Menus with Chapters

Change the titles, and these Menu styles
can be used for weddings too.

Album Menu

Captions Preserves the Event

We can add captions to your movie to identify the people in it or whatever you'd like to say. Will you remember all your bridesmaid's names 10 years from now? With captions you will. We can even add your wedding vows, poem or other special message.

Your Wedding Music

As a finishing touch, we can add your wedding music softly behind whatever other audio is on your movie. Or it add it to just the Menu section.

Personalize your Movies
and keep those memories from fading away.


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