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Chapters are sections of your movie and listed conveniently in a Menu.

Click on a Chapter picture and the movie for that Chapter will start. Or click on the main scene and watch the whole movie.

Having Hollywood-style animated Menu Chapters on the DVDs we produce for you, means you can get an idea of what's on the DVD from the "live" scenes in the Menu.

For example, a wedding movie might have a Chapter called "The Wedding", another called "At the Reception" and so on. A family movie might have a Chapter called "Mum's 90th Birthday" and "Christmas 1995" and "2001 Trip to Sydney" and so on.

There is no limit on the number of Chapters you can have. Just tell us what you'd like to call each Chapter and where it is. You can have several Menu pages so you can easily see what's on the DVD and select what to watch. Menu Chapters are available for your Video Slideshows and Movies.

Examples of our Menus with Chapters

Note: our Menu Chapters are NOT the same as the "chapters" offered by other companies.

Their chapters are made by placing a chapter "point" automatically every 5 minutes or so. All you can do with that is jump from point to point to try to find what you want to see. They do not appear as a selection in a Menu and often jump you to the middle of a scene instead of the beginning.

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