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Copyright for Movies

Quantity Limits

We will provide as many copies as you want of your own personal home movies.

Prohibited video

We will NOT copy the following types of video:

  • Recordings you made from the TV, movie rental, the Internet or other similar source

Why? Because you do not own and never paid for the original. This means that the people/company that created it, never received any royalty from you. When you buy a commercial movie from the store, part of what you paid goes to the people/company who created it. When you make a recording off the TV (or other source), they don't get paid for what you're recording.

We don't participate in piracy and your video will be rejected.

Ownership When we transfer your videos, they will be returned to you along with the copy. Legally, we cannot separate ownership of the original from the copy. In other words, you have the right to have a copy only if you also own the original. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial use of our transfer service

We don't participate in piracy. Commercial use is not allowed unless you have proof of copyright ownership or license. Commercial uses include (but are not limited to) resale or distribution of any type, either physical or electronic.

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