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How to Personalize Your Movies


Add text to your movie to identify people, locations or just about anything you want to say.

An example would be to add captions to identify the locations or events shown in your movie.

Captions work best when they're 3 to 5 words long. That makes it easier for people to read quickly.

Captions – Who's Who ?

Identify who the people are. It may be obvious to you, but will anyone seeing it years from now know who they are? Captions preserves that information.

You can pause your DVD movie at any time so you can get a good look at who's who in a group photo.

Captions – adding lots of text

Family History, 21st Birthday, Weddings
If you'd like to have more information in certain areas, just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

This is often used in Family History projects to give some background about a family member or an event. It also works quite well in 21st Birthday and Wedding projects.

Just tell us your needs and we'll be happy to work with you on creating something really special you'll be proud to show others and pass on through the family.


Chapters are sections of your movie showing what's on the DVD and listed conveniently in a Menu when your DVD begins.

For example . . .
Your wedding movie might have a chapter called "The Wedding", another called "At the Reception" and so on.

A family movie might have a chapter called "Mum's 90th Birthday" and "Christmas 1995" and "2001 Trip to Sydney" and so on.

Click on one of the Chapters in the Menu and you're taken to that part of your movie. Or click on the main scene and watch the whole movie. More information and screen captures.

You should know that ... our Menu Chapters are not the same as the "chapters" offered by other companies. Their chapters are made by placing a chapter "point" automatically every 5 minutes or so.

All you can do with theirs is jump from point to point to try to locate what you want to see. They do not appear as a selection in a Menu and often come in the middle of a scene instead of at the beginning.



$ 1 per caption

Up to 5 words in 1 caption.
If it's longer, count as 2 captions.

 Chapters for Movies    (click here for movie reels)

$ 3 per Chapter

 Selected Background Music

$ 5 per song, repeats FREE


Cost varies. Ask us.


Editing includes removing bad sections - filming with the camera lens cap on, not realizing the camera is still on and filming your feet or ground, etc.

We also edit to change the order of scenes or remove unwanted scenes as per your instructions.

Cost depends on the complexity and time involved to do the editing. Tell us what you'd like done for an estimate of cost.

Select Background Music

Royalty-free background music is available free with your order.

However, if you want to select your own music from CDs and records you own, we can add it to your personal home movie for a small cost. (You'll get your CDs/records back when your order is completed.)

You can have one song repeated over and over or several songs used throughout the movie or in certain sections. (Song repeats are FREE.)

Extra Copy . . .

We recommend that you make at least one extra copy of your DVD and keep it in a different location than your home

Why ? Your irreplaceable items (movies, slides, photos, etc.) can be lost to fire, floods and accidents. Safeguard them by keeping an extra copy in a safe place.

We NEVER put copy protection on our CDs and DVDs, so you are welcome to make your own copies. If you would like us to do it for you, just let us know.

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