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Prices for Movies Transferred to DVD


  • Classic DVD Case Set
    full-colour case insert and
    full-colour matching DVD face
  • Music
    Royalty-free background Music
  • Double, triple or quad cases
    if needed, at no extra cost
  • Combine on same DVD
    if the movies fit, at no extra cost

VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Hi 8, miniDV
Movies put on DVD

$ 30
Up to 1 hour
$ 45
up to 2 hrs
$ 60
up to 3 hrs

Each tape priced separately

Extra Copies

$ 12 per DVD With your initial order – OR – ordered later from your DVD copy

Personalize Your Movies

See How to Personalize It

$ 1 per caption Captions
   1 caption = up to 5 words
   Example ... "Sue's 1st Birthday" = 1 caption
   If a caption is longer than 5 words, count as 2 captions.
$ 3 per chapter Menu Chapters
Chapters are sections of your movie you can select and go directly to. You access them conveniently from a Menu.
$ 5 per song, repeats FREE Selected Background Music
   Music used from your own records, CDs, etc.
Ask us   Editing
   Remove bad or unwanted scenes, change scene order, etc.

DVD Cases for Your Movies

See the Cases

FREE   Double, triple or quad cases
   As needed at no extra cost
FREE   Classic Case & matching DVD Set
   The case insert and matching DVD face are printed in full-colour
   with our standard titles. Sorry, no choice on the title or case.
$ 10   Deluxe Case & matching DVD Set
   Your choice of Deluxe Case Set with matching DVD face.
   We'll Personalize the Title with whatever you want.
$ 15   Photo Deluxe Case & matching DVD Set
   Have one of your photos turned into a lovely case cover with
   matching image on the DVD face. Personalize the Title too


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