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Tips on Disc Care

Hold discs carefully

Avoid touching the surface of the disc by holding it by the outer edge and the inner hole. This will reduce finger marks, smudges and scratches.

Messy hubs cause problems

One little fingerprint on or around the hub area can cause the disc not to load. Wipe the hubs with a lint free cloth and anti-static spray to remove the fingerprint and it should work normally.

Regular disc care

  • NEVER use any type of solvent (Methylated Spirits, etc.) to clean a discDon't let heat damage your discs
  • NEVER use tissues, shirts or any other fabrics to clean a disc. They give off lint which will build up over time in your player and cause disc reading errors.
  • To avoid surface scratches, use only approved cleaning sprays made to remove fingermarks and smudges from discs.

Protect against label damage at all cost

  • If you have to lay your disc down, put it label side up.
  • Remember it's the label side NOT the shiny side that should be protected.
  • Do NOT stack discs outside of their cases to avoid label side damage.
  • Scratches can be repaired on the shiny side, but NOT on the label side.
  • Use a Disc Protector to help stop damage to the label side of the disc.
    NOTE: we do sell Disc Protectors. Contact us if you would like some.

When your disc is not in use

  • Store the disc in its case in an upright position.
  • Do NOT leave discs in direct sunlight because it may cause warping.
  • Stacking discs on top of each other can cause scratches and label damage.
  • Do NOT leave the disc in your player because if it's hot it can cause warping.
  • Always keep discs away from excess heat and moisture. Radiant heaters can damage discs too.
  • Avoid leaving discs where they can gather dust.

Playing your disc

  • NEVER play warped or cracked discs because it may damage your player.
  • NEVER touch the laser lens. This can deteriorate the laser strength or misalign the laser beam which can cause reading errors.
  • Make sure the disc is sitting correctly in the tray before closing.
    This is one of the main causes of damage to a disc.

With proper care, you will have many years of enjoyment playing your CD's and DVD's.

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