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How to Shipping Your Order

Registered Post

For safety, when shipping your order to us, please use Registered Post. All finished orders returned to you by post are shipped by Registered Post within Australia and the equivalent for overseas.

Our shipping address

Send to the address on the right.
The Order Form also has the shipping address.

Max Rescue
PO Box 644
Burpengary, QLD  4505

Drop-offs and pick-ups

If you live or visit the Burpengary area of Queensland, you can drop off and pick up your order. Some people ship their order to us and pick it up when it's done. That saves them the return shipping/handling cost. Contact us if you'd like more information.

Packing heavy or bulky items

To help keep our prices low, we sometimes use the same packaging we receive your order in to ship it back to you. Please keep this in mind when packing your order to us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  1. Don't forget to put your completed Order Form inside.
  2. Items you are transferring should be wrapped securely in bubble wrap or similar packing material.
  3. Spread a layer of "peanuts" or other filler on the bottom of your shipping box and add all the items you're shipping.
  4. Cover with more filler until the box is completely full. The items inside should not be able to move around when you tilt the box. If they can, add more filler.Pack carefully
  5. Seal the box with strong packing tape.
  6. Write  FRAGILE - DO NOT DROP ... or ... FRAGILE - DO NOT BEND  and
    THIS SIDE UP on the outside of the box.
  7. Make sure your return address is on the outside of the box.

Packing Tips

Return time

The time it takes to complete your order varies depending on the complexity and size of your order as well as how booked we are. We will do our best to return your completed order as quickly as possible. Please note, we are NOT responsible for postal delays.

We overheard an Aussie telling a tourist the other day that a kangaroo delivers his mail in its pouch. We definitely are not responsible if you mail to us this way.

Christmas Presents
If your order is a Christmas present, we need to receive it at least 8 weeks before the date you need it. We receive a lot of orders during this period and cannot guarantee it will be in your hands for Christmas otherwise.

Returned originals

All originals you send us will be returned to you along with your order.

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