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How do I place an order?

Information to place an order can be found here.

What can I transfer?

We accept all LP records for transfer to CD.
Sorry, we no longer transfer audio cassettes.

Can you remove a song on the album I don't like?

Yes, we can remove any songs you don't want us to transfer to the new CD. Just let us know which ones to remove on the Order Form and we'll be happy to take care of it. There is NO charge for this service.

Can you remove skips that make the music repeat or jump?

What you're asking about is caused by scratches. In most cases we can correct the problem.

During the recording process, we make a note of the location every time there is a problem with a record. Once the recording is completed we go back and work on repairing the affected sections.

In most cases we can correct it. However, if the jump is large, it may not be possible without some lost audio. When the scratch occurs down a groove instead of across it or the record is heavily scratched, you may loose some audio in that spot. We do our best to match up the music so it's not noticeable on the CD.

If the skips are caused by a mildly warped record, we try different settings to get a good recording, but we may be unable to make it work.

Does the new CD come with separate tracks?

Yes. Whenever possible, the songs on the CD will be broken into separate tracks just like a music CD at the store. So unlike your record, you can skip around or play your favourite song over and over. There are some exceptions to this. Please see the question above about live albums.

Other places charge extra for "live" albums. Do you?

No. We do NOT charge an extra fee for transfers from a "live" album. We understand why others charge for this because of the added technician time it requires.

For "live" albums (and sometimes classical, comedy and similar records), there is often no clear break between one track and another. The music (or jokes) flow without stopping.

When the tracks flow into one another without stopping, we keep the combined tracks just as it is on the record. For comedy albums, it often means an entire side will be one track. By avoiding artificial breaks, we preserve the flow of the music (or jokes) for more enjoyable listening.

The insert you receive will list all tracks as shown on the album cover so you will know what you're listening to.

Can you remove every single click and pop?

No one can. However, we can usually get rid of most surface noise such as clicks, pops, crackles and hiss. There are limitations on what we can do based on how severe the damage is to your record. Even when you can see no visible damage, there are still noise signals such as hiss and small clicks and pops present.

Each recording we do is done with custom settings for that particular record. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality results with the absolute least amount of loss to the original source material.

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