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Prices for Vinyl LP Records Put on CD


  • Reduce pops, hiss, noise problems
    found in most vinyl records
  • Cut into individual tracks
    just like store-bought CDs
  • Sleeves and inserts
    with title, artists and songs listed
  • Combine 2 LPs on same CD
    if requested and they fit, at no extra cost
  • MP3 format
    if requested, transfer to MP3, at no extra cost

Get 15% off the normal transfer price when you transfer 5 or more LP records at one time.


Records on CD

$ 12
per LP record

Option - Extra Copies

$ 7 per CD Includes CD, Sleeve and insert

Option - CD face Printing

$ 5.00 per CD Album Title, Artist Name printed on CD face  ( black print on solid white background )

Option - CD Jewel Case

$ 4.00 each If you want the standard plastic Jewel Case instead of the window paper sleeve

Album name & Artist

All our CDs have printable faces so you can do your own printing on them.

If you would like us to print the album name and song titles on the CD face for you, simply make a note of that on your order. See the costs listed above.

LP Double record albums

Some LP double record albums can fit onto one CD. If you would like us to try to put it all on one CD instead of 2, please let us know on your order form. In the same way, some triple record albums will fit on 2 CDs instead of 3.

For your listening pleasure, if we can combine these albums, we will at your request.
NO extra charge for this service.

Noise reduction

Included at no extra cost, your recordings are expertly processed through our noise reduction and audio enhancement process. This significantly reduces hisses, rumble, crackle, clicks and pops.

Removing unwanted songs

We will remove a song you don't like from a record transfer on request. You will only receive the songs you want on your new CD. NO extra charge for this service.

Sleeve & Insert

To keep your costs down and conserve space, we now use window paper sleeves. Inserts are black text printed on white background and where possible include artist name, album title, and all songs. We take the information from the album cover to create the inserts.

Artist name & Album name on CD Face

All our CDs have printable faces so you can do your own printing on them. However, if you would like us to print the artist name & album name on the CD face for you (black text on white background), simply make a note of that on your order. There is an additional cost if you want this Option.

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